Spark Exploration is focused on its 100% equity position in an exciting, world class petroleum region – the UK Continental Shelf. This established hydrocarbon region has produced substantial volumes over decades, new discoveries are still being made and world class opportunities await.

Our licences are located along the Rona Ridge between two world class, multi billion barrel accumulations (Hurricane Energy’s discoveries and BP’s Clair field).

Using the latest high quality 3D seismic data over our area, we have identified an exciting mix of prospects within our licences across a number of plays.

We have an exceptionally large basement structure (Bader) adjoining Hurricane’s acreage, which has potential for mean recoverable volume of 1,280 million barrels.

We have also identified very large and exciting prospects in the Devonian-Carboniferous and Lower Cretaceous sands.

An example is the Ginger Prospect , which is estimated to contain 224 mmbbls mean recoverable resource in a Devonian reservoir adjacent to the Clair Field.